• Compania Cielito

    Argentine tango performance group  mixing tango with theater, video art and dance fusion.

    Welcome to Compania Cielito. We are a traveling group that performs in a wide range of venues from small to big. Working with our latest performance piece between September and May, producing a touring show each year while also having a big repertoire to draw on for other types of performance or specific themes at other times.

    Compania is a young and upcoming dance group based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This is the new formation and wonderful outcome of Cielito's Performance group project 2009 -  2015. With each year we grow as a group, a concept and in interest to explore further the beautiful world of Argentine tango. Compania Cielito is a newly defined shape that will allow us to go further than the previous project was ever designed to go.


    In September 2016 we will be opening a new training group in Utrecht. Its main aim is to improve the dance level of group members while having fun with local performances in the region of Utrecht. Taking part in this group is also a way to show interest in Compania Cielito and build up level in order to make a smooth transition. Please be aware that its not automatic that those who are in this group will follow into the Compania Cielito.


    In September Isolde Has been invite to Oxford to set up a group here. So with a lot of excitement we invite anyone from the oxford area or further afield to come and take part in this magical journey of discovery. Taking part in a group with a common aim, practicing and developing as a dancer while exploring performance skills that can be used in all part of your life. Contact us for more details.


  • Dancers:

    Artistic director: Isolde kanikani

    Dancers: Ilya, Almar, Annelieke, Chris, Manizha, Frederiek, Jerry, Burak, Sanne, Isolde.

    Oxford (UK) group: Zuzanna, Joe, more to follow!


    Upcoming performances

    These will be posted when confirmed. Please contact us if you like to receive our newsletter.

    Hiring us

    Contact us with your wishes for a performance via email info@cielito.nl. The more information you are able to provide about possible dates, times, how many dancers you want, the performance space including: size  of stage/performance area, type of floor of performance area, size and type of audience and budget.


    We are always interested in a collaborations with others so please do contact us and share your ideas. we are always open to the possibility of enrichening our program with artists from other fields, live music and more. please send an email to info@cielito.nl for more information.